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Get Outside and Enjoy The Moments

I new ever used to like the winter. I would much rather place myself in a warm summer setting. However over the past two years I have learnt to embrace this cold weather season through activities like snow shoeing, skating, tobogganing and hiking.

This winter my hubby and I decided to do an outdoor ice rink (which a lot of people like to refer to as an ODR). It takes a lot of time and energy to keep the ODR in tip top shape, and it has really been a team effort, or should I say a family effort. It has created a space where as a family we have been able to laugh, communicate and take pride and ownership in what we have created and kept up.

The image I added to this post was taken Monday, February 7th, 2022. It was a winter wonderland outside and I am so grateful for that moment in time. Everyone was smiling and laughing...getting exercise and breathing fresh air. We were connecting and grounding ourselves. It was a moment in time, that wouldn't have happened if we hadn't put the time and energy into making our ODR and I am so grateful for it.

Side note: The photo would make it appear that we all shoot right, however, despite me playing with a right handed stick that night, I do shoot left. But for the picture and fitting in somewhat symmetrically, I held it in my right hand. So remember, things are not always as them may seem. This picture may also lead you, the viewer to believe that we are all right into hockey and amazing skaters...however if you saw the video footage, you would realize I skate with the elegance of a stiff board. But when you are "home" and comfortable in who you are (which I work at every day), a lack of hockey skills doesn't matter.

I would love to hear what some of YOUR "outside moments" have been this winter!

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