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My Current Morning Routine

Routines are great things...when you stick to them! Currently, I am on day 34 of my morning routine. I started on Friday, May 10th and have not missed a day yet! I am actually a little blown away that I have stayed this consistent with this morning routine. I honestly don't know if I have ever stuck to a health routine for this long before. I will say that I am a very determined individual and I have a strong will power that has served me very well over my lifetime. I thought perhaps me sharing my morning routine might encourage or support someone else in beginning their own beneficial morning routine. My goal is to bring awareness in many areas of health and wellness to others and to create community. Quite often in todays world we feel alone, and lost. We feel that everyone else has their shit together and I am here to tell you that they don't and that we are all working through our shit, it's just that some people are a bit more transparent than others!

So, my morning routine started when a woman brought a new book into my awareness while I was away at a Vision Quest this Spring. The book was called "The Artist's Way - A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity", written by: Julia Cameron. The book walks you through twelve weeks, providing you with guidance, contemplation and pushing you through many, many areas that most of us need light shone on. One of the first non-negotiables is journaling 3 pages EVERY morning as soon as you wake up. The second part to this is taking 2 hours a week and dating yourself...meaning, going and doing something just for you...this part, I have not managed to make happen just yet, at least not in the form I was envisioning, however, I am okay with that at this point.

Back to my 3 pages of morning journaling (also known as "morning pages"). During this time (around the end of May), another book was brought into my be honest, the universe has actually shared this book with me a few months early, however I never quite jumped into it at that time. So when it was mentioned again, I knew that I needed to buck up and start reading it.

"The Magic" Written by Rhonda Byrne, was a perfect match to go along with my morning pages, as one of the requirements for it, is to start your day by writing 10 things that you are blessed to have in your life and why you are blessed to have it in your life.

So that is currently my morning routine, and I must say that it is truly serving me at a time when the world I am living in seems very out of balance. Once you see things and acknowledge things, you can't unsee them and my morning journaling practice provides a place for me to let go of my thoughts, concerns and frustrations and to focus on all the blessings in my life, as well as all of the possibilities available and options for creation! Creating community, new platforms and processes is one of my gifts and stepping into the possibilities provides such excitement, however I will save that for another post!

In the meantime, I would love to hear about what your morning routines are? Or perhaps you prefer an evening routine? Either way, a routine that supports your wellness is amazing and it is important to do what works for you! By sharing your routine with others it just might be the option someone is looking for!

If anyone is interested in either of these books (I highly recommend both books), I have included links below!

Click Here For: The Magic

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